Summer 2019 - Small Area Movement - Defence Specific BEACONSFIELD ARENA - August 5th - 9th (Novice,Atom,Peewee Single letters)

Perfect Skating


Defence Specific (Novice,Atom,Peewee SINGLE LETTERS ONLY )

Monday - Friday  ~ Beaconsfield Arena  ( 1:30pm - 3:30pm )

 PRICE   ~ $525 (plus tax) 

Small Area Movement - Defence Specific (Atom/Peewee)

-Weekly Detailed SAM On-Ice Movement Sessions Specific to Position

-10 Week Format

-Complete SAM On-Ice Movement Asymmetry Analysis

-Complete SAM On-Ice Movement Corrective Program with Progression Tracking

-Certified, Energetic PS Coaches

-Maximum Quality Repetition and Positive Feedback

-5-1 Player to Coach Ratio

-Wear the Gear!  Free PS Jersey and Socks

-Use the Method like our +200 NHL players



 August 5th - 9th


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